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Diccuric will tell the whole story, that was introduced by the modification Diccuric. Therefore, we recommand that you play the mod to get in touch with the story or just go over to the mod page for an introduction.
Furthermore, there is a developer-blog, where we report from time to time about our work.

The technology

Diccuric will be a 3D-RPG and it is developper by using C++ and the libaries Ogre, OpenAL and Lua. Diccuric is developed for Linux and Windows, different platforms are currently not planned due to lacking hard- or software.
Ogre enables us to use modern graphic techniques like shaders and OpenAL gives us the opportunity to offer 3D sound. Besides, we use SDL (simplifies some stuff, especially for different OS, e.g. multitasking) and Ogg Vorbis (compression of music).

Character development

We plan to implement a dynamic character development according to the player's behaviour. If the player utilizes for example a lot of magic, his magical abilities develop and his sword fighting skill will not increase. We hope to offer a more realistic character development and pretend miss development of the character. We want hide all the details of the character's development, so that the player can concentrate to play the game instead of managing statistics. This way is different to typical RPGs, but we think that this way is at least the same fun.

The world

Diccuric will partially take place in the same world, as our mod. Additionally, there will be new locations to explore. The world of the mod will be revised, so do not expect to know each part of the world. We work hard on the aspect, that there will be only one world, so that we will not have any loading times, when you have started to play. Sublevel, which where overtaken from Gothic will be replaced by new ones. Look from time to time to the expedition, we will present our world on that pages.




Diccuric is developped under 2 licenses. We decided to use the Creative Commons Share-Alike Non-Commerical Lizenz for all binary data. As this license is not optimal for source files, we decided to license those under the GPL. Please regard that we will put all content sent to us under these licenses!


Diced is the level editor, which we develop for Diccuric. As we think that other projects surely will need an editor, too, we decided to develop our editor with public access. Its new home is at Sourceforge, where you can get the source code. The documentation will be released in English, please be patient as our internal documentation is German only, so many things must be translated. If you want to join us in its development, feel free to join! To talk about the development, contact Moe.

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