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Diccuric - 1.1e
Mirror (Sharesoft)
Diccuric in a all-inclusive package. German Version. A translation is avaiable.
English translation of Diccuric 1.1e (Beta) The English translation of Diccuric. It is based on the old beta, finished by Ondo.
This patch requires Diccuric 1.1e full version (the beta will not work with a patched version!) To apply this patch, extract it, copy the ini file to the gothic/system- and the mod file to the gothic/data/modvdf-directory. Now you can select the English translation in the gothicstarter.
Please posts bugs in our forum, so that we can fix them.
Diccuric - part 1
Mirror at WoG
Mirror at PC-Rollenspiele
Mirror at Gamesweb
First part of Diccuric. Click to get more information
Diccuric - Patch(v1.1d) This patch includes all patches of Diccuric. Does not work with the PC Action Mod version. There you should use Version 1.1c instead.
Diccuric - Patch(v1.1c)
Patch for internet version
Patch for PC Action version
The update for patch 1.1. Should be inserted everywhere into patch 1.1. If the scavenger leader is not moving, you should install this patch or get the big one again.
PTP - This Island
Mirror at WoG
Mirror at Gamesweb
Created by Harri to test your system performance. Includes some quests. Here are some information
BlueSky This little inofficial patch changes the sad gray sky of Gothic 1 into a realy blue one. A sky should look like this, then there is no problem with the sleeper. ;)
Remove the patch with Windows.
PlayerKit 1.08k You need a playerkit from Piranha Bytes to play Diccuric or The Island. This playerkit works with every 1.08-version of Gothic.
Russian translation (Diccuric) This small patch translates Diccuric into Russian. Thanks to allgothic.ru for creating and hosting this patch!
Russian translation (The Island) This patch translates the German/English version into Russian. Thanks to allgothic.ru for creating and hosting this patch!
Russian variant of The Island The Island in Russian. There is no patch required to play in Russian. Thanks to allgothic.ru for creating and hosting this version!
Polish Diccuric translation
Full version
version without videos
This patch translates Diccuric into Polish. It requires version 1.1e, which you can grab at our German page at Downloads -> Mods. There is a FAQ about the Polish version. Thanx to www.gothic.phx.pl for hosting the Polish translation.
Diccuric - solution (German) solution (PDF) of Diccuric written by Freddy.
The Island - solution (German) solution (PDF) of The Island written by Freddy.
Nude patch for Gothic2 All female characters get with this patch nude. Just extract this file into your gothic2/data directory and start Gothic 2. For uninstall, just remove Nacktpatch.vdf.
Diccuric - CD/DVD-cover & label
CD front side
CD backside
CD Label
DVD cover
DVD label
For those, who want to create their own CD/DVD.
CD/DVD cover and label
CD-cover backside
CD-cover frontside
CD/DVD label
Another cover for CD/DVD. Designed by Jodob.
Wallpaper of Diccuric (Mod).
title song of Diccuric The Opening from Diccuric.

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